The easiest way to share your location.

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How will you use Transitory?

Ephemeral Location Sharing

1. Tap to share your location at a private URL for a set amount of time.
2. Send the link to anyone you want via email, text, facebook, or twitter.
3. Recipients can view your link in a browser -- they don't need the app!
4. Tap to stop sharing, or let your link self-destruct when time runs out.

Get Creative with Transitory

Are you there yet?

Next time you're on your way to meet up with a friend, text her a Transitory for 20 minutes so she'll know when you arrive.


Distracting a friend across town while others set up for his surprise party? Email them a Transitory for an hour so they can be ready for the big moment.

Safety first.

Track your kids for 15 minutes as they walk home from school to make sure they get there safely.

Oui, oui!

Post a Transitory to facebook for an hour while you're sight seeing in Paris so your friends can join in on the fun!

Just a little further!

Tweet a Transitory for an hour or two while you run a 5k so your followers can track your progress.

Where is everyone?

Email a Transitory to your Wiffle Ball Meetup group for 30 minutes so everyone can find where the game is in the park.

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